Paprimur Qingdao

From the ancient spice routes to the global market

Fulfilling our company expansion plans, in 2006 we opened our first subsidiary in China, PAPRIMUR QINGDAO FOODS CO., with investment and social capital from PAPRIMUR S.L. and depending on the parent company in Spain. It is a Chinese company with the know-how of a 100% Spanish company. We also have delegations in several Chinese regions.

The purpose of this subsidiary company is double: to control the raw materials sourced there and to manage the constant business opportunities that arise in a market as active as the Far East.


Our presence in China allows us to perform a comprehensive monitoring of the raw material from the crop field to our parent company in Spain with the System IQS (INTEGRAL QUALITY SYSTEM)


PAPRIMUR QINGDAO FOODS CO. is the opportunity for change and improvement.

Due to our expansion policy, the already implemented projects of expansion and improvement have produced an outcome of modern facilities supplied with highly specialized machinery, achieving this way an actual production capacity of 10.000 tons per year.